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02 June 2009 @ 09:42 am
Name: Kwon Yuri 퀀유리
Age: 16/17
Year: 6th
D.O.B: December 5th
Elective Classes: Ancient runes and basic healing
Activities/Clubs: Quidditch-addict
Ethnicity: Korean (speaks fluent English, Japanese and Chinese also)
Heritage: Pureblood


Kwon Yuri is the second child (of three) and only daughter of Kwon Jungha and Lee Sunyoung, both of whom were from prestigious Korean pureblood families. She has an older brother and a younger brother, both of whom she is very close to. Despite being the middle child, she often takes on the role of the oldest and takes care of her two brothers when she has to. Her parents are busy wizards and witches, so they are often left alone at home with their various servants and whatnots. Yuri led a pretty normal life and her magical potential was discovered when she was merely 5 months old, when she caused a toy doll to smack right into her older brother's face. 


Yuri has a very vibrant and bright personality and she is pretty much like your typical Gryffindor girl. She is always bright and cheerful and that really is her true self. Always groomed to be truthful and honest, Yuri has never tried to hide herself and is always painfully obvious with her emotions. She almost has no self-restraint and does as she likes straightforwardly and frankly. She doesn't sugarcoat her words and this has caused her to earn more than one detention. Even though teachers are often frustrated by her open comments about their classes and their teaching styles, they do appreciate her for always being honest and never lying. She isn't even afraid of Snape either and tells him her opinion to his face, which is mostly where all her detentions come from. 

She is also a very curious girl and likes to know anything and everything she can, which results in her intelligence and her hardworking demeanour. She finds the idea of magic very interesting, even though she has been immersed in the world from birth. She is also well-versed in Muggle things because she has also always been curious about how Muggles live. Her never-ending stream of questions can annoy anyone and she mostly carries conversations with questions of any kind and of any nature. She is never shy about anything and because of her open personality, she can ask a lot of awkward questions without even realizing that she is causing another person discomfort.

Her greatest passion is Quidditch and it comes second to nothing else. Even though she likes to study and doesn't mind homework, she would rather be training at all times to become a professional Quidditch player. Her skills have been honed from since she was a toddler, because her father is the manager of one of the very successful Quidditch teams. Despite being an ultimate Quidditch addict, she doesn't know anything about the teams and the players. She doesn't have a team she wants to join in mind, only that she wants to be able to play Quidditch for a living. She loves the sport itself and doesn't involve herself in other sorts of politics. This doesn't mean that she hasn't watched every single Quidditch match that has occurred since she remembers however. She studies Quidditch as much as her other subjects and knows many of the tricks and methods of Quidditch, even the dirtier ones (albeit never having done them herself).

Yuri doesn't like to take anyone else's nonsense and stands up for herself and others when she feels that they are being wronged. She especially dislikes cowards who like to commit wrongdoings but never wish to confess to the things that they have done. Yuri has always taken responsibility for her actions, even if they are not pleasant and she deals with the consequences. She doesn't judge people by anything but themselves, their actions and the things they say. It is not easy to make her angry or to dislike someone (unless they are cowards), but when you do get on Yuri's bad side, you stay there for the rest of her life and memory. In simpler words, Yuri rarely begrudges but when she does, she grudges forever. 
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